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or the World Wrestling Federation.This is
the older of the two leauges and has been
around ever since I can remember.In recent
years several of the sports stars have left,
names like Hulk Hogan and Bret the Hitman
Hart.  Yet somehow this group has survived
and is still doing great, thanks to its 
slightly rougher, PG-13 attitude, compared
to WCW's PG attitude.  This greater use of
swears and moons seem to be a part of what 
kept it alive.  The other part is truly 
great and intresting wrestlers, like The
Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  
Here are some of my favorites.

Favorite Wrestler: Mankind, The mandible
claw is the coolest move in WWF

Best Wrestler: I'd say either Stone Cold
or the Undertaker, maybe Kane

Least Favorite Wrestler: Faarooq, and his 
nation, besides The Rock, he's ok

Worst Wrestler: This one im not so sure 

is the younger of the two groups but has kept up with its more expierienced competitor, the WWF quite well, through the use of big stars and the renegade NWO. It is a little less rough, with hardly any fowl language, but is just as rough in the ring... My Favorite Wrestler: The Cat, the feliner is a cool move... Best Wrestler: Goldberg, what is he now, 133-0 My least Favorite Wrestler: Fit Finley, Fit my eye... Worst Wrestler: Hollywood Hogan, Not the worst in the ring, but the worst at talking, which is what he does most of the time