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Once in a newspaper I saw a list of all the words/phrases Seinfeld has created and once i got this site I rememberd it. I thought (in these exact words) "hey if Seinfeld has it's own vocab all over the place, Why can't I?" So I did this. Enjoy...

Phat Vocab from early years

These to are from when I was a little midget like 2 years old:

Jaguar Cheese=  Liverworst = No explaination here

Toco Flips up=  Apple Jacks = Apple Jacks always used to have this guy
doin a flip on the box.  He is going up and his name is Toco.

These are from a little later (4th grade) with my friend Nick:

Tangerine Bros=  Friends with tangerines =  we found some tangerines 
in the trash once, kept them in our desks and became the tangerine bros
Used Like: "yo tangerine bro, wassup?"

Boy Scouts Honor even though I ain't a boy scout = The ultimate honor =
Think this one originated in a story we wrote about a family who goes
to colarado, gets seperated, the family takes a guided tour and the kids
battle zombies with an old hermit.  Used Like: "Really man, boy scouts 
honor even though I ain't a boy scout."

Punky Brewster = Loser = I guess we didnt like the show much  Used Like:
Man stop bein a Punky Brewster"

Modern Vocab

Unvoluntary Vehicular Genocide = Killing millions unwillingly in a car
or other motorized vehicle = Think this one came from me an ben talkin
a little to long before lunch once.  Used Like: Im afraid your guilty 
of Unvoluntary Vehicular Genocide, You'll have to come with me..."

Steppin into the Realm of Overstatment, or just Steppin for short =
Exagerating a little bit too much = Again from me an ben.  Used like:
"so my teacher called on me and I said blah blah blah then I punched him 
in the eye and ..." "Heff your steppin..."

Phatso =  Someone who is Phat = This one is from a drawing Zak did of
Parappa's evil brother, It said this on his hat, maybe he wasn't evil
Used Like: "Yo Phatso" or PhatsoHeff

More on Phat:  To make a nifty term just exchange phat for fat in anyword
like this: "Those Gat Thieves are sure Phattening,Heff"

Sorry I have several more but they are kinda inappropreate (ACK I cant spel)
for kids.  

If ya need an insult ask Noah. not me. His are funnnnny!

OK hope you use these phrases day ta day ok cya