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Linx to Friends' pages

Funk's Place/Den: This is Funk's page, Man, can he Dance!
Tito's Place/Den: Tito is da Man! (well maybe...)
Oliver's Place/Den: Man oh Man this guy is Funny. POOP CARDS!
Pab's Homer Site: Homer fidgets and moves his eyeballs
Matt's Site:It's a man, No it's BatMan, No it's Batman-man
Nate's Never Done Communist Page of the People: Nate is a CrAzYy kinda guy.
Nate's happy soviet photo gallery.: This has a whole bunch of neat pics
Vincente's Page.: Vince's page is cool, i think his name isn't really vince either
Nan's PageJust started and makes my comp crash, but hopefully will improve...

Lynx to Band sites

ICP website: Those clownz are Wicked! so is this site
The Prodigy's Official Site : This Band is Smooth
Daft Punk Site: This site has a lot of crazy stuff, Good Music too.
Chemical Brothers site: This site has neat movies.
Clutch Site: Clutch is an ok band and everything they make is free(almost everything)
FunkMaster Flex: A cool DJ with a REAL cool name.
KMFDM: Phat Industrial Techno
NIN site: Trent Reznor is a crazy guy
Aphex Twin Site: Aphex Twin is CrAzY stuff.
MTVI want my MTV, thats what they said back in the day.

Linkz to Coool pages

The Official TMNT site: Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!
The Official Dr. Pepper site: I drank this stuff once, tasted pretty good.
Bobcats Online, (Lynx too.): Ranch Raised Bobcats and Canadien Lynx. YES!
WCW vs NWO hollywood vs NWO wolfpac vs Raven and the Flock: Pro Wrestling is a lot like a soap opera, with more body slams.
Jnco Industries: Jnco, maker of Phat Pantz.
Official Dr. Demento site: The Dr. is in. hahahahahaha, request a song.
Mummies Alive Site: This is my favorite new action cartoon.
The Box Music Video Channel: This channel is Cool!
Differin Online: Do you have REAL bad Acne? Differin can help.
The MudConnector: Connect to a great mud today!
Legends Forgotten Website: This is the mud I play.
Play Legends Forgotten: If you see Heff, say hi, cuz thats me..., Nuff said...
WWF Go Mankind! Do the Mandible claw!
HotMail: Get free email
Tripod: Get a free website
Chop: Sorry, this one is just for my email account
SS7X7: This site looks real cool, but the sound is messed up on my computer
MetaCrawler:This is a cool Search engine my friend showed me
Hy-Vee: This is where I work at.
Pokemon Online: Pokemon rules!!! Best show on TV!!!
Final Fantasy 3: Quite possibly the best video game ever made

Lynx are great animals, in fact some of my best friends are lynx...

lynkz to my pages

My Guestbook: Please sign my guestbook!
My Pics Page: Neat Pictures.
Lassie Come Home: Hey Hows it goin?
My 2nd Pics page: more neat pix.
My Lynx Experiment Page Intresting, very intresting
My Politix Page This is how I feel bout Politix
My PhatVocab Page These are some of the things I say, you should too
My geocities site Well... It used to be mine...
Send me Email at hotmail This is my international w/frames account
My Pro Wrestling Site Pro Wrestling...funny stuff
My Pokemon page Gotta Catch em All! POKEMON!
My Mafia vs. Ninja page This is the best movie ever!
My UFO page big text docs on roswell, starwars, majestic 12...thank you bogdan
My THE BIG BRAG page Good luck finding the readers theater version by mr. sheeley elsewhere
The InfoVaultHome of all sorts of info, from inspirational essays to videogame codes