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The World of Heff

Hello. I'm Heff.
ok. so here's whats up. want to get to know the heff - circa a few years back. head to the lynx page. want to get to know heff - circa near present, go to the new shit page. Want to go somewhere mercilessly wicked cool, and edutainmental - Hit the Infovault. Thanks for your time. Heff.
Lynx Page: go here to get where you are going...
New Shit: hopefully i'll get around to making this.
The InfoVault.:built by Bogdan, Damien, and myself.Lotsa Info Here

My Webpage has been discovered on different occasions.

well...let me tell ya bout myself.

Hello once again. this about the third somewhat annual
update of my page, and unlike the second one (which consisted of
changing just this page) i will make an attempt to actually bring you
new and exciting info of and about myself.  well. if you want to know
a bit about me now. here it is...
I am Heff, aka Chris Heffner.
i'm 16, and currently in 11th grade, well...the summer
preceding it.
I attempt to enjoy all the time i waste in my life.
I hacky sack. I skateboard around. I hang out with friends. I go to
concerts when i get the chance. I listen to lots of music. I sit
around on the computer. I sit around downtown. I sit around at the
mall sometimes, not to often though, cuz the mall is pretty lame. I
work at the bright and shiny Coralville Hy-vee as a part time
i am a man of many names...
most friends, as well as some teachers and co-workers refer to me as heff
some friends, some of my family, and some of my co-workers refer to me as chris
some of my family refers to me as christopher
some of my co-workers and customers refer to me as chris h. 
(1 years of service)
on AIM i am known as madhatheff
on napster i am known as madhatheff, or phatsoheff
on hotmail i am known as
other assorted nicknames dubbed onto me by myself and others
include...lad, heffer, heffy, hef, heffenmire, heffdawg,
mad hatter,psycho mantis, super god, 4th dimensional psychic...
probly more that
i can't remember.
well. hopefully i'll put up stuff that everyone finds to be
intresting. or at least that someone find to be somewhat
well. catch ya all later.
oh yeah...and contact me.
AIM - madhatheff
napster - madhatheff, phatsoheff
email -
sorry to be blatantly redundant.
and i'm out.

and i'm out...